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Taste of the Himalayas in San Diego is a restaurant that brings the flavors of Himalayan cuisine to Southern California. Located in the heart of San Diego, it offers a unique dining experience with dishes influenced by Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan culinary traditions.

The restaurant features a menu that includes a variety of dishes such as momos (dumplings), Chowmein (noodles), curries with distinct spices, and traditional naan bread. The dishes incorporate ingredients and flavors characteristic of the Himalayan region.

The ambiance and decor of Taste of the Himalayas Point Loma reflect elements of Himalayan culture, offering patrons a glimpse into the rich traditions of Nepal and Tibet through its interior design.

For those looking to explore Himalayan cuisine in San Diego, Taste of the Himalayas Point Loma stands out as a place to experience authentic flavors and dishes that are not commonly found in other Himalayan  restaurants in the area.


​The story begins at Taste of the Himalayas Point Loma in 2012, the inaugural location that spawned the entire chain of Taste of the Himalayas restaurants in San Diego. Dipak Shahi (I), the founder and chef, arrived in San Diego in 2010 with a mission: to introduce the flavors of my homeland, Nepal, to a broader audience. Raised in Nepal and Darjeeling, India, I developed a profound appreciation for Nepalese cuisine from a young age. My earliest memories include marveling at the vibrant food culture in Kathmandu, where local vendors delighted foreigners with authentic dishes. Inspired by these experiences, I harbored a dream to showcase Himalayan cuisine worldwide. This dream culminated in my discovery of San Diego, which I considers the most beautiful city on Earth and the perfect place to realize my culinary ambitions. Nevertheless, Point Loma remains the heart of my culinary journey and the reason for where I am today with multiple locations across San Diego serving my beloved San Diegans.

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